Friday, September 24, 2010

The darlin's help a mama out

I have learned many lessons as a mother of four but one of the most challenging aspects has been finding ways to take care of myself. The darlin’s have jumped on the bandwagon and devised a number of ways to give me love and support throughout the day.

They keep me from drying out my delicate skin in the shower by sitting campfire style outside the shower door beckoning me to get out while I speed shave and half wash my hair. I am so glad to have the added benefit of learning not to waste time.
While I am picking out my clothes in the morning, they also take the opportunity to help me make a good and speedy wardrobe decision by grabbing all my shoes to try on and scatter throughout the house. This is their way of saying “mama, get out of that closet before you realize you can't fit into half what you have hanging in there”. Isn’t emotional support the best?
I turn off the radio in the car so I can relax to the "Backseat Boys" performing the untitled one hit wonder "The Sounds Of Not Sharing". This duet is my most played tune but I may soon have the opportunity to be graced with the quartet version once Darlin’ #4 gets hold of Darlin’ #3’s toys. 
The darlin’s like to leave sweet presents around the house to cheer me up as I bustle about. These include sharp toys to step on and piles of clothing rammed into relatively hard-to-reach places as well as the occasional food morsel preserved in a corner. I feel my spirits lift at these random foot massages, stretching exercises, and opportunities for a wholesome dehydrated snack. 
The darlin's especially like to join me when I am hiding out in the “broom closet of an office” we have while trying to take care of all those stacks of things that scream "do me first". The darlin’s have learned that constant streams of whining helps to drown out any of my inner anxieties about getting projects done. What a relief!
The children afford me the opportunity to keep my artistic skills sharp by ramming toys into the walls, running them across furniture and slamming them into doors so I can practice meticulous repair on a variety of surfaces. Isn’t that clever? I so enjoy this particular outlet for my creativity.
They like to help me with the solace I seek as well. They know I am busy and in a constant state of motion, and so, every so often they go bananas and have to be put in their rooms to calm down. I know this is their secret plan to help dear frazzled mama get a little spot of peace and quiet before the folks in the white coats come in and put mama in that thing with the straps and take her to the room with the padded walls. I continually congratulate myself on such kind and self-sacrificing children. 
8. DIET:
The darlin's like to "share" all the pretty things off my plate because they love me so much and worry about my self esteem. Isn't it nice of them to help me diet away the second nine months of pregnancy? I think so. 
In my continual struggle to fit exercise into my routine, my children have invented the “Run From Mama When I Am In Trouble” Game which also includes the bonus weightlifting segment when I get to carry one of the darlin’s to their rooms. This activity has really kept me slim and trim as it is a regular occurrence.
The children perform the always thrilling "Mama's Bed Feels Just Like A Trampoline” Show each night to help me wind down. If we get to go to the ER, then it’s an educational bonus field trip for mama as she gets to talk to the nice DHR lady. 

I find myself reaching for this brass ring daily but let's just say I am not going to compete in the mama hood olympics for peace and quiet anytime soon. If you have a strategy that you can hang your hat on, PLEASE post a comment and share it. This is one mama that needs all the help she can get.

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