Saturday, December 15, 2012

A semester to remember...

A semester to remember...
Someone is working on reading-creature books of course!
Someone is still honing his architectural skills!
Baking and homeschooling ;-)
Two little darlin' friends!
 Tent sleepovers with friends
Girly girly sleepovers rock ;-)
Precious friends!
Learning to swim in Pop's pool!
 Daddy and I ;-)
 Wonderful mamas!
Healthy foods
Fun parties!
My fabulous little Cub Scouts 
 A Scout campout with Papa
Scout Olympics Day
Scouts at the Rock Show

 Papa becomes a City Councilman ;-)


Clara Nell in her Halloween costume courtesy of Aunt Carrie ;-)

Getting through mass with four darlin's!

A very special Thanksgiving Reunion

Love this cousin!
Vivi & Clara Nell

My darlin's on Thanksgiving Day
Vivi's fifth birthday party
retro shortcake!
Sweet Vivi's birthday portrait
Cousin fun!
Decorating the house for Christmas

 Four little "doctors" ;-)

 My wonderful family!
 Uncle Jeff and Vivi
 My lego boys
 Mama and Vivi
 Mama and Clara Nell
 Reading Santa's notes to them
 Clara Nell's doll gets a high chair
 Retro shortcake for Miss Vivi
 Legos from the stockings
 Marines, Scouts and Toys for Tots
 Waiting for Baby Jesus to appear in the nativity at church...
O'Connors and Hecker's
 My sweet darlin's round the tree!

My Vivi "cakes"

My sweet Vivi turned five! 

Vivien Kirkland Hecker

Five Years Old

December 5, 2012 

A wonderful child

Who loves to sing,

Kisses like honey

Locks curled into rings… 

Beautiful heart

Loving and kind,

Swirls of sunshine

Dancing with time… 

Talented artist

Thinking all things through,

Figuring out life and

Trying to be true… 

So proud of you

Watching you grow,

A lady to be sure

My darling where you will go! 

With love and great affection

my sweet girl, ~Mama