Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Perspectives on a darlin'

Explaining things to an inquisitive six-year-old can really bring you back to your principles if you know what I mean. The other day my sweet darlin' had a moral question about how to treat his brother. You know one of those "can I hit him back mama?" questions, followed closely by one of those "you said I should stand up for myself" statements. What's a girl to do with the conundrums of mama hood without losing principles in the process? I am by no means an expert in the field of fairness. Life is full of inconsistencies best I can tell. I do admit I have tried to make a study of it but as near as I have figured out there is no such thing as true fairness. I studied concepts in logic and fairness theory while at Bama, a mo-million years ago, and remember just this truth from the whole class. Fairness is determined from each individual perspective involved in the scenario. You can divide things every which a way but it comes down to perspective, really, and that is ALWAYS subjective. I suspect this aligns in all aspects of life as well. I tend to be skeptical of the purported "objectivity" of media and authors for this reason and find I gravitate toward those with an admitted subjectivity so we're all on the level. What's wrong with having an opinion anyway? We've all got one right?  As common as a nose as the saying goes? So my "opinion" for the darlin's moral conundrum? Figure it out for yourself dear, sans blood if possible, and get some principles and subjectivity for yourself.


  1. Nice post! You can always look to the TAX-CODE for fairness :)

  2. Mmm. we talk about Fair a lot in our house!! I love your wedding photo and the "Mr. Darcy" reference. :)