Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Darlin's observe our freedom in action

Today is the big day. The day our ancestors fought and died for. A day many Americans take for granted and often blow off. Today is a day to put your money where your mouth is. Today is a day to have a share in the success of our great country. Today is a day I always look forward to.

The darlin's each have gone as infants and little children to the polls with Mr. Darcy and I to cast our vote. I have tucked each one of them into my little sling and stood in line and proud to have the opportunity to do it. I want them to watch the workings of freedom as early as their wondrous little minds can process it. I believe this is but the first of many responsibilities I hold in helping my children to become productive and contributing American citizens.

We talk about candidates in our home. We talk about the hard choices they must make and what they should do when they "make a bad choice" in representing the great people who have hired them to do a good job. We talk about the honor of public service. We talk about the Constitution. We talk about the Declaration of Independence. We talk about taxation. We talk about the hard won battles and wars fought in becoming a free nation. We talk about the market. We talk about trade. We talk about responsibility as consumers. We talk about the wonderful legacy of LEGAL immigration in this country. We do more than talk.  We research the candidates and we vote in EVERY SINGLE ELECTION.

My prayer is that the people who CAN vote today will do so responsibly so that the America the darlin's grow up in will be as free as our wise founding fathers intended. God bless Americans who take pride in our country and vote!

For some wonderful books on our country, check out Lynne Cheney's patriotic collection. The darlin's favorites are "We The People" and "When Washington Crossed The Delaware". Wonderfully written!
Happy Voting Day to you and your family!

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