Monday, November 1, 2010

Darlin's get the holiday rollin'

It's that special time of year. You all know about it, right? Take the darlin's in your life to the studio or setting of your choice. Dress everyone up in the garb of your choice. Pose in contortionist angles in close quarters for unlimited snapshots in the unseasonable hot Southern weather. Bribe darlin's by informing them this picture is for our Christmas card that we send to Santa with the WISH LIST. Explain that we all need to smile AT THE SAME TIME to be finished. Watch Mr. Darcy have a full-on meltdown under the pressure of slumping darlin's who he also bribes with toy window shopping. Feel complete elation when the photographer informs you she has "gotten the shot" where everyone is "sort-of smiling" and doesn't appear in the "bursting into tears" mode. Line up the darlin's for the card-makin', envelope-stuffin', label-makin', envelope-stampin', post office line marathon. Jingle jingle, folks. Hope your holiday planning is off to a great start as well.

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