Friday, September 17, 2010

How do you do?

I better write this blog really quick because I am a very short chick and it won't be long before these kiddos are well above my head let alone my knees ;-) Let me introduce myself. I am first and foremost a lover of words. I love communication. I like to chat, like to read, like to listen, love accents, love researching, love love love words. Someone evidently talked to me a bit too much during the infancy trust phase. 
Next, I am Southern. Drippingly so. Like easily spotted outside the Southeastern quadrant. If you want a Southern tradition explained, you just dial me up honey and I'll be happy to give you the 411! I am also a mama. Love her kids and drown herself in motherhood-mama. I have four little darlin's and they are perfect, yes, in every way. Well, maybe not every way, but we'll get to that. I am a retired professional. I miss the skirts and the heels and the initialed briefcase, but I found that I could not properly submerge myself in mama hood with those darn heels on-not that a short girl like me couldn't use a little extra height. I am a wife, of 14 glorious years, to a wonderful "darcy-esque" man. Well maybe not glorious exactly, but we haven't buried each other in the backyard yet and the darlin's are under the illusion that we are perfectly in love in every way. I am also a sister to a nut job. well, she isn't really a nut job but she says the most insanely witty things. Not being a rapid spelling champion, she has invented a code for all her... shall we call them not mixed company words and phrases? Again, wait for the post on that. I am a homeschooling mama. Unable to squeeze out all the cash I poured into my six years of college, I am trying to reach an economy of scale on the investment by torturing my small children, well, maybe not torture, we keep it pretty simple. Look for the post on that. I am a daughter, granddaughter, and for most of my life great-granddaughter. I think this is where I get my sense of history. The value of the past, tradition, manners, rituals. I am just like my father and he's a pretty decent guy, so that worked out well. I am close to my grandparents and they are the reason for all the book-word loving business. I like to sit on a porch swing and enjoy a nice cup of tea and talk about how things were when they were young. So much wisdom is gleaned in these talks. I am like the best friend in the whole world ever. Well, at least I try. OK, most times I fail but again as any Southern girl, I rely upon the kindness of strangers for forgiveness.They say men are what they do and women are what they come from. I don't know about that. I have tried to blaze my own trail except for when I ended up catching my skirt on fire...  I am a short, feminine, conservative, overly-organized, health nut, vitamin-popping, church-going, research-crazed, book-holding, husband loving, darlin' nurturing chick seeking sanity and peace in my daily life. And I hope you find something of interest in my journey.

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  1. These are great! I will look forward to your posts everyday! Love, Hubby