Friday, September 17, 2010

I like this view

This is my favorite angle-the many beautiful still shots etched in my mind from raising my children.

There's the one where you look down onto the down-turned eyelashes of a nursing baby. It makes them look cherubic. This is probably my last tot and this is the last time I will enjoy this sweet view, but as feeble as my memory usually is, this view from my past darlin's during nursing is permanently written in my mind. I like the look of the backs of their heads, wet from the bath, and bundled up to watch a movie on family night with just popped kettle corn. I love to watch the little child hands turning the pages of the book I read while we rock gently in the chair. I like the creases of wrinkles around the chubby leg that will soon streamline out into an unstoppable running appendage. I like the bottom lock in my toddlers' hair, the one that got chopped off the boys after we got the one-millionth compliment on how pretty our boys were! I like the back of the romper and ruffled bloomer as they push up to crawl for the first time only to land quite flatly on their little faces. I love the wide mouthed grin when smiling back at the loving grandparent. I like the sneak peak of my children playing together when I am not supposed to be watching them, the way they comfort each other and give "parental direction". I like the back of my boys' necks with that dovetail of hair that crawls down to a "V". I like the reflection in the mirror of my baby holding onto my shirt while I lay her on my chest as I bustle by doing my work. She is sweet and her tightly-clenched fist is precious. I like the view of my oldest boy coming up the back porch with a small fist of wildflowers in his hand for me. I like the solo performance my second boy will give when he thinks no one is paying attention. I like the four of them crowded around my husband who is as crazy for them as I am all reading a book or playing ticklefish on the rug. I like the tap dance show they give on the wooden board my grandfather cut for them while they watch their favorite movie-Singing in the Rain. I like the profiles of my husband and two boys as they play the violin together. It's like watching the shadow of boys and waiting for the moment when these will become young men. I like the view of my children in the windowsill checking out the family of spiders which have spun their web on the porch. The wide-eyed gaze as they watch them spin their prey is priceless. I love the reflection of my oldest girl in the mirror dressed up as a fairy with a fireman's hat on her head to complete the look. I like watching my baby girl's tiny toes curl round my finger while I caress the bottom of her foot. These are views that will last beyond this year's photo album. I am smitten-with all of them and their fabulous views.

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