Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things that keep me from flushing my head in the toilet

Life is hectic no matter how many darlin's you have or don't have. Everyone is struggling with something whether they are wearing it on their face or hiding it skillfully behind a smile. The world is full of the echoes of our choices and sometimes you get lucky enough to have some good energy bounce back to you just when you need it most. I have a few things I use while I am waiting for the bounces. Before I make a run for the ladies room, I focus on these blessings.
The newly formed curls on the back of my baby darlin's neck...
The sound of the wind in my ears while I am running-all-alone-heaven-be-praised...
The awestruck moments I share with a cup of hot tea and good book before the darlin's are up in the a.m.!
Time alone with my darlin's at bed when we talk about the best part of their day...
A long call with a friend who I cherish but almost never get to see because she doesn't live near anymore...
A good walk around the neighborhood with the darlin's who enjoy every single bit of nature they see!
Seeing the joy on my youngest boy darlin's face when he gets excited with a discovery!
A shopping trip with my grandmother who has the best taste of anyone I've ever met.
Remembering who I was before I had children, when I wore heels and carried a briefcase...
The power of the afternoon tea ritual and heaven-be-praised "quiet time" while darlin's nap.
Looking at all the pictures my darlin's have taken over the years and how much they've grown!
The moment when all get to sit down at the table together for a meal-that is still hot!
A quiet talk with my father over lunch sans darlin's.
How my darlin's hands feel wrapped around my fingers while we walk down the hall or to the car...
A shared joke from my childhood with my wonderful sister who makes me laugh out loud!
A fun playdate with a friend, with whom I can truly be myself...
The sweet full hugs my oldest girl darlin' gives when she is happy to see you.
The rare moments when I get caught up and sigh with enjoyment, knowing it won't last!
Going to mass and seeing my little ones learn the customs of our faith.
Watching out of the corner of a mother's eye when the darlin's all play together or comfort each other.
A good talk with my grandfather who always reminds me where I come from and who I am...
Knowing that life is a bell curve and you have to hunker down until you make it to the other side!
The look on my oldest darlin's face when I tell him he will always be my baby.
Stepping back from all that I do, have done, and will do in the days ahead and still being happy with the blessings God has bestowed on me...
Gratefulness and perspective can carry me through the most rigorous of days and I thank God especially for these gifts! May you get a bountiful bounce of blessings yourself today ;-)

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