Monday, November 8, 2010

Something real

Mr Darcy took me to prom
  We go around most of the time introducing ourselves by where we work, how many children we have, who we are married to, where we went to school, or who our "people" are. These associations are just a fraction of our real story. Of course if we went around saying something "real" to everybody we talked to, well, it wouldn't go over so well. Personal "truths" often make others uncomfortable. Here in my little chunk of cyberspace, however, I will share a few of my truths and let the chips fall where they may. It's funny how cyberspace can make you brave like that ;-) 

Seeing England with Mr. Darcy

I like classical music, old rock and roll, and songs that remind me of special places I have been and people I know. I like to waste a day at the park watching the ducks and seeing children play. 

Becoming a mama & having boys

 I love to tuck my children in at night with a story and a song and a prayer. Although I am completely without a singing voice, I am without fear of singing a lullabye to my children in public to calm them.
In Ocho Rios, Jamaica with Mr. Darcy at the Falls for our honeymoon
I like to wake up in the morning and look at the trees outside my window and just breathe. 

Jen & I at homecoming
I love antiques and things that mean something in my house. I collect old accessories and furnishings. This makes me feel like the 1890's all over again. I love old photos, dried rose bouquets, and corks from special events. My favorite color is white and I love all shades of white, while ironically I am a "black and white" type of gal. 

My junior miss pals & BFF, Cynthia

I believe you can feel the positive or negative energy coming off a person while you talk to them. I like to talk to strangers and have something kind to say even if they don’t say it back. I never miss the opportunity to talk to the maid or service guy because they know, really know people, and they will tell you all about it if you simply ask.
Mr. Darcy and I getting married at the Cathedral

I married Mr. Darcy because I love his drive, knew he would be a first rate father, and for his beautiful mind which never fails to engage me. 

My Tinkerbell routine for Junior Miss in high school

I love to help someone with something that is causing them struggle. Helping/doing is my love language. I have pretty high antennae, and people tell me things because they can tell I care about what they are saying. I like to dance when no one is watching and even when there isn’t any music. 

Getting dressed for the wedding at my BFF's house, the fabulous Miss Cynthia!
My macbook is getting heavy from all the use but I still love to put pen to paper and write my thank you letters. According to facebook quizzes, I should have been born in the 1940’s because I am resourceful, patriotic, romantic, and stylish. ;-) Texting has not replaced a good conversation in a coffee shop with a friend. 

My surprise sweet sixteenth birthday
I like to draw and paint and make things. I love to decorate and to keep things fresh and pretty. I love the festivity and traditions of the holidays.  I keep baby books and journals for everything my children do and say. I celebrate every day with them because I know nothing is guaranteed and life is fleeting. 
high school graduation
I used to dress up in my grandma’s heels and slips and make believe I was a "classy lady". She had a fancy phone and I would sit there pretending to talk to someone important on it. I like to watch my darlin' girl do that same thing now. We are both pink on the inside but steel magnolias when the need arises. I like to watch my children sleep. I am fascinated with what they dream about and we talk about it every morning over breakfast. Dreams are the windows to your soul, right? 

Rocking on my grandparent's porch in the cane rockers
I believe in the power of the written word. I think things are connected from the veins in the leaf to the religions around the world. I think many paths can achieve the same end and people should calm down about which one is the “best”. I used to dream that I had wings and could fly when I was a little girl.

High school drama days-I am STILL the maid!!! ;-)
I try to remember my people and to feel what they are going through. I believe everything you say and do comes right back to you in spades. 
last day I saw my brother, Tim, now gone for almost 11 years.
Missed and loved so much!
I still dream about my brother who was five years younger than I and lost at 19 years of age in an accident. I feel his presence when I have a child or I am in desperate need. 

Mr. Darcy and I the day I graduated from Alabama
I love to read and to have books on my shelves that I haven’t gotten to yet. They are like old friends. I love going to the library to sit and read for hours. I like for things to be in their place and I enjoy efficiency because it gives me time back. 

Cheerleader days
I get very creative when I am expecting. I believe in trust even though many experiences say I shouldn’t. I love my sister and would walk through fire for her. I like to see everyone get along. I want everyone to feel comfortable. I think Bama’s colors are “houndstooth” rather than crimson. I believe in duty, loyalty, honor, and service, and a patriot gets me every time. I believe in the calming power of a Catholic mass. 

home from hospital with my grandparents! Love them so much!
My papa used to read me books at night and “leave out” words to see if I would “catch” him. I love old movies... Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. I've read lots of biographies from this era. I never saw an old movie I didn’t like. 

drama days in high school-good prep for mama drama!

 I love architecture and the great buildings from our past. I love politics, economics, and history and seeing things cycle in and out. I cannot afford to shop cheaply so I have to hunt down the good things at a fantastic sale price. I have learned more in teaching my children than I ever learned for my own sake. 

Sister Carrie, brother Timmy, & I at Easter 
 I believe in angels. I believe that things happen for a reason, and that if you listen to the subtle cues around you, life will be an easier course since you are in alignment. 

Mr. Darcy & I loved Paris
When we went to Paris, I dreamed in French-it was completely nuts! I sang to the top of my lungs when I was a bitty thing as I swung higher and higher on the swing. I thought hurricane Frederick was an angry bird and since I only knew that Sesame Street had a big bird at 3 years old, for years a hurricane meant big bird was angry.

Grandma & I for my first Easter
I never have had trouble finding someone to help me get what I need off the top shelf at the store. I want to learn to play the piano, especially duets. I want to author a book that helps others. I want to travel all over the world with Mr. Darcy and the darlin's.  I want my children to feel the love for a book that makes them always love learning. I want to keep my husband young and my children healthy with good food and vitamins. I want to get my PhD so I can teach one day. I want to learn to dance like a ballerina and tap like Gene Kelly. I want to see my children fly, to know and love themselves and therefore to be able to fully love others. I like to sit somewhere quietly with a good book and glass of wine or a cup of hot tea and next to someone who knows all these things and more and still wants my company anyway. 

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