Sunday, January 2, 2011

A year in pictures

A year of laughter, parties, friends, dancing, loved ones, reading, cuddle time, learning, new life, romping, praying, experiments, writing, singing, playing, pretending and loving....
We are so thrilled to get to do it all again in 2011! 
Start at the bottom for January or at the top for December. 
Blessings for a Happy New Year!

 The day before the year was over, our sweet fourth darlin' decided it was time to walk-she is just shy of 8 months old! There has been NO COACHING of any kind mind you!!! This is a serious gal!

...brothers got closer...

...four smiling faces on Christmas morning made me wanna burst with joy!

...sisters got closer...
...this is the Baby Jesus cake with the darlin's cousin. Love these sweet traditions to look forward to each year!

...little darlin' gets to open a gift for herself and chew on some paper!

...this is the oldest darlin's big time friend-see all those happy teeth!

...I made my sweet sister a collage of our vintage family photos for her birthday...

...these two darlin's love to share gooey kisses!

...the smallest darlin' in her holiday bonnet. These baby blues get me every time. Seriously.

...we celebrated our littlest darlin's first Christmas!

...we made fossils in the dough with our creatures...

...we finally got to hang all SIX stockings on the mantle! Yurrah!

...we colored, made pencil drawings and wrote thank you letters.

...we learned about peoples around the globe...

...we played with good ole playdoh-don't you love the smell of that stuff?! Reminds me of childhood.

...we made ornaments to give our friends for Christmas and some of them gave us ornaments right back!

...this darlin' had a girlfriend over for "tea"!

...the darlin's all wanted to wear their daddy's triathlon helmet. Oh joy, another opportunity to learn about taking turns...

...we tempted fate and took the darlin's to a historic home for Christmas-what a gorgeous place all decorated! thank goodness for grandma and aunt who came along to help with the little fingers!

...darlin's went out to eat with new friends...

...and behaved themselves!!!

...this is the newest darlin' and she is on the move! Ready or not, here she comes!

...the first darlin' and the last darlin' look much alike ;-) kind of feels like a circle for this Mama!

... this is my sweet sister who helps me out and makes me smile (and sometimes "donkey" laugh)...what else could you wish for in a sister?!

...this is my brother in law and his darlin' goddaughters who think he's tops!

...this is my sweet darlin' and her new best friend...don't they look like they are related? Seriously?

...this is my sweet friend and I with our new babies on a fun playdate-these gals are gonna be best friends for sure just like we are!

...the oldest darlin' went to the homeschool geography fair and it was so cool! Mama learned a lot as usual. This is my secret reason to homeschool so I can catch up!

...this is the darlin's new friend-he is one smart guy with rockstar manners too!

...brothers making tracks anywhere and everywhere TOGETHER FINALLY!!! Ahhh, sharing, it's enough to make a mama cry with joy.

...for Halloween, we went to a fall festival and went on an exciting hayride-no one fell out thank goodness! By the way, these guys started out looking like mean pirates but the costumes apparently cramped their style ;-)

...this is at the fall festival too-one talented soccer darlin'. Wait and see folks, it looks like he has the ball tied to his shoes with string he guards so close!

...there were lots of train layouts in our house this year-and sure to be more in 2011...though hopefully not in my exact pathway!

...there were lots of floor picnics...yummy play food is calorie free!

...Mr. Darcy celebrated his 20th high school reunion. Those guys were lots of fun and we were away from the darlin's long enough to leave me feelin' pretty outside myself! darlin' discovered the wonder of fairyland and wanted to "don" it every single day!

...this darlin's loves him some drama! Mama and boys went to see the production "Annie"!

...Mr Darcy and his boss ran a triathlon and lived to tell about it!

 ...we had some fun beach days...

 ...we registered for OLG homeschool again-what would we do without this great group of families!?!?

...Mr. Darcy gave me a commissioned picture of the cathedral, where we were married 14 years ago, for our anniversary and took me out to dinner.

...the darlin's don't wait around for Halloween to pretend play!

...our sweet friends from Virginia came for tea. We missed them as soon as they left!

...the darlin' boys learned to hang around, catwalk, jump to new heights, and flip at gymnastics...

...our darlin' girl discovered a love of tea parties and now makes sweet treats for all the peeps she loves!!! darlin's learned to help each other can't see me in the corner with a tear in my eye, sigh... girl darlin's had their first tea party ever with aunt and grandma along to make it more special! The tea room rocks and so do girlie bonnets and miniature teacups!

...this is my grandma after the baptism reception, and I would be lost without her constant helping hands and sweet affection!

...the Archbishop baptized another darlin' for us this year! He tells the most interesting stories! I love this guy!'s our crew at the baptism of the littlest darlin'...

...this is Father's Day-daddy times four! This was a very special Father's Day for our family!

...My daddy and I celebrate his birthday with a bit of lunch and a wiggly new baby...I love this guy!

...this was on Father's Day sister and I love this grandfather-BIG time!

...there was a lot of getting wet and fighting over the hose!  See the "drama mama"?!

...I turned 34 this year....sigh.

...this is before we came home from the hospital with our fourth darlin'...

...this is my mother's day present just a few days old! Isn't she adorable all cuddled up in her "wrapping"?

...right after the fourth darlin' was born...our little May baby!

...this is when little girl darlin' discovers she is going to have a sister! Pure joy for everyone since we never find out what we are having ahead of time!

...boy darlin's celebrate their birthday together since they are born a week was a crazy fun day at the park in the spring with our close family and friends.

...this is Easter before the fourth little darlin' was born. I am not pictured here because the frame was not wide enough to capture the prego mama shot!

...the boys learned to horse around this year "on each other" instead of their daddy. Daddy's back is thrilled, seriously.

 ...both our boy darlin's fiddled away this year. Did you know they made 'em this small?

...the oldest darlin' orchestrated animal re-enactments and gave nightly performances at "creature theatre"...

...there were still only five of us when we went to see the Curious George Production and the three darlin's LOVED it! Can't beat Curious George!

...we frolicked in the snow, which is rare in darlin'sville, southtown where we live!

...this is while darlin' #4 was still in the womb early in the year. we read A LOT in darlin'ville. 

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