Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we found in the woods...

It's hard to figure out much to do in the days following Christmas. It's cold and the darlin's are still hyped up on the high of the holidays but the new toys don't always keep them busy enough to fill the void. So we bundled up and headed outdoors before Mr. Darcy started his next semester of "professorhood". I was delighted as ever to see Mr. Darcy get into the project with his usual emphatic gusto. The darlin's would follow this guy anywhere!

I recently came across a book that inspired me. No surprise, most all my reads do ;-) We gathered rocks, sticks, wild berries, leaves, branches, stumps, and acorns. This pointed petrified wood is a "chair" of sorts. 

The darlin's piled these treasures around the base of two trees in the edge of the woods and topped their creations with straw.... this darlin' packed some acorns into a little opening in the bark at the base of the oak tree...

 Well, we hope for some magical miniature visitors but we know at least we have seen birds, squirrels, and bugs checking out the new "magical" dwellings and for now that is enough. This darlin' made a "living room" for the visitors.
We watch from the windows to see what the icy morning dew brings to our creations. It was neat to watch the rain slip off the leafy roofs. Squirrels darted in and out of this arched opening. Would you believe Mr. Darcy "decorated" this one with the magnolia leaves himself? I was so impressed. I'd want to hang out here too if I were a squirrel, seriously.

Only a light snow would have made the creations any better, and in southtown, well, that's not real likely. Of course, it could happen.
Still the rain dropping off these magnolia leaves was pretty cool too.

We leave little bits of food, berries, and nuts at the entry. The fairies may come while we are sleeping one darlin' says. Another chimes in that goblins and sprites have certainly been by "to make their mischief" from one mischief-maker to another perhaps... Hmmm....

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