Sunday, July 31, 2011

Okay, so I stole this

 Okay, right up front, I found this online and I liked it so I am sharing it here ;-)

Love begins when acceptance is present
Patience thrives were tolerance exists
Confidence grows when encouragement smiles
That Apprehension shows where ever fear abounds
That Condemnation follows where criticism has ruled

That Appreciation is an award shown by praise
That Recognition is given when goals are met
That Aggression cannot live without hostility
That Education is a way of overcoming ignorance
That Moderation is the safety valve of indulgence
That Discipline is a series of sound investments in character
That Truth is ever present where honesty lives

That Faith in oneself and others starts with security
That Justice has a way of finding it's foundation of fairness
That Forgiveness is a privilege extended to all but enjoyed by few
That Kindliness is a priceless commodity found in abundance among all peoples
That Friendliness is a boundless freedom offered by the world in which we live

Is this my parenting style? Not so much, but like everyone else, I hope, I am working on it.