Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Darlin's get a birthday sunburn

This darlin' has a big birthday coming up and I think he knows it! We went to the beach to celebrate.

My pretty babies sitting quietly, smiling sweetly, not nagging me for food or something to do!!!

Who needs a chair when you've got
all this charm  to get a cushy seat?

Hey man, that's not bread! It's my lilly white toes!

Duck pond-endless source of
entertainment for the darlin's.

Seesaw fun with no bloody faces!
Mama was so proud.

Oh, Auntie protect me from the wind,
 the beach conditions are so unpredictable!

Burying a dead fish floating in the bay,

Digging for arts and crafts supplies-hopefully
 critters won't crawl
out of the shells once we get home!

Look Mama, we found something dead! Yeah!

I'm too fabulous for all this dirt!

Where did all these kids come from anyway!?!
This is the darlin's sea gull impression.
This is right before she shoved a
handful of wet sand in her mouth!

Now she's getting her feet rubbed at the
cabana by the Grands! What a hard life!

The littlest darlin' did not miss the comforts of home.

She helped me make a fairy boat from the bits off the beach.  

Another arts and crafts project survived. Yurrah!

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