Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden party

Our little caboose turned one. It was great fun. If you came, we enjoyed seeing you and if you didn't, well you were certainly missed. It was a lovely day and I am so blessed to be this child's mama ;-)

Come with me to a secret place
where children frolick free!
Where lillies bloom & we play chase
in the shade of the old oak trees!
A place where children sing
"Happy Birthday Clara Nell!"
She is truly our little Southern Belle!
Made of all things pink & sweet,
She’s made our family complete!

Man, you gotta have friends...and God has blessed us with good ones!
What in the world would we do without this party planning Grandma?!! Birdhouse, bicycle and watering can arrangements? miniature decorated hats? hand cut tea sandwiches and candied hats? She's a bottomless pit of fabulous ideas and full of love for the darlin's! Love and appreciate her!!

The four are growing up faster than we can blink, chase them down, keep them mud free, you get it, FAST!
Finding friends and sucking down juice boxes! This is the life!

Do we look like we've slept a full night lately? Yeah, don't answer that ;-)

Hey, it's more grands ;-)

Patty cake with more grands...
Our little caboose ;-)

Cupcake eaters anonymous-first meeting ;-)

OK, it's a lot of candles, but I was sure she'd have lots of help or maybe I was trying to singe Daddy's eyebrows!

Daddy likes to finish his speeches with a big ole kiss!
One more snuggle mama, it's time for a catnap! I'm party pooped out!

Yes, you guessed it, more grands!!!

Wait, am I being replaced already!?! Oh, It's my first porcelain doll!

A child of hugs,
of smiles & dance!
She loves mama’s shoes,
& shiny pendants!
Amidst her siblings,
she can hold her own!
A child to cherish,
with her own
sweet song!
A clap of her hands
& a sparkle in her eye,
When she’s sleepy,
she says “nigh nigh”!
Daddy’s girl &
Mama’s joy for sure,
Clara Nell is our 
wonderful treasure!

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