Monday, May 30, 2011

I've got the power

I remember feeling this way, each time, at this same stage. I love to see the flash of sheer power and pride across their face as they realize that they can move themselves to a destination, on their own. When they see that they can say a word and things will happen in response, it is magical. I know the cause and effect relationships start earlier than one year of age, but the power of movement and communication are undeniable. There is a sweetness in a child's innocence and the natural "testing" that results in the first walk and the first babbled word. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been here before. I remember thinking of my eyes as the lens and my memory as the flash drive to permanently store these priceless moments of firsts. I remember drinking up the scene and trying my best to fully embrace what I was witnessing so that I would remember it in living color forever. This time, and two times before, there were other witnesses. And to my great delight, they are cheering the new one on and caring for her when she falls. They refer to her as a friend, best friend. I know the bond of sibling is important but I love that my darlin's think of each other as friends. We treat our friends better most of the time than our siblings, right? Yes, even though we shouldn’t. I think friendship is a simple recipe of love, trust, forgive, repeat. This is why I became a mother in the first place. Not to feel the swell of a baby inside me, or to hold a cute little bundle who cuddled inside the shade of my chin, but to watch human beings learn to treat each other with respect and loyalty.  I wanted to see little children congeal in the bond of family and thrive in unconditional love for each other. I know I am an idealist. You don’t have to tell me. It’s a terminal illness for which I hear there is no cure. ;-) I'm glad to have the diagnosis.

Walking is easier when I hold something, if I forget, I hold my dress instead...

My big sister helped me with walking and maybe smothered me a little too...
My favorite walking method is is mama's pouch!

Walking to Daddy is supercool!
Leaning is great practice plus I look really cool and no one notices I can't actually stand on my own yet!

Man, this walking business is hard. Time for a nap!

Sisters taking a break...

Brothers hanging out with the butterfly habitat...self-professed best friends!
I am so good at this cruising thing!

Yeah, walking is great but crawling is my "go to" method for getting around quick!

It is so cool how everything is right at my level!

This is the only thing we use this highchair for, a baby balancing stand!

I push this train around to get where I need to go! People get excited when I do this...

Listen, I'd break out of this jail but the room service is really awesome!

One of these days I am getting out to see the big world, you wait and see!

Look mama, I found the oven! For my next trick, I'll learn to bake something tasty!

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