Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Darcy gets romantic

I know, I know. I am behind. Way, way behind. I suspect I was behind before I got started but now that I have sweet darlin's to distract and delight me, I am even more behind than I was before! At any rate, here is the blog entry for Valentine's Day with my Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy gets romantic a few times a year. Being the "darcyesque" guy he is, this is rare for him. He surprised me with a date to the Symphony's Romantic Music Concert and we arrived at the old theatre just in time to hear a wonderful soloist, Ms. Diane Penning, singing a piece from Don Giovanni. There was a duet from Kiss Me Kate with Mr. Ken Weber as well. A powerful piece from Phantom of the Opera, one of our favorites, was performed as well. Romeo and Juliet was so beautiful it made me cry! A piece from Camelot was passionate. I enjoyed the piece from My Fair Lady and of course West Side Story. Now I love Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Bizet, but what really entertained us at this concert was a little sideshow they planned. About midway through the concert, Scott Speck, our wonderful conductor, advised the audience that there would be a free dinner for two for the "happiest couple" present. A few songs later, they called out the name of this wonderful "twenty-something" couple who was then asked to appear on stage. He then called for chairs, a table and a service from the restaurant offering the free dinner. At this point, the vocalists, Weber and Penning begin to walk over mid song and "serve potatoes" and whatnot to the couple who are completely beside themselves with embarrassment. The conductor breaks to give the nice couple a dash of fresh ground pepper along with a chide that they should enjoy themselves and not rush but "hey the concert is almost over". It was hilarious. I am surrounded by several talented comedians daily and I get my fair share of hysterical laughter but this was a head tossed back laughter concert just about the whole way. It was lovely to have the play of the beautiful timeless music with the company of the on-stage farce. Our favorite part was when the male soloist, Weber, talked the guy into leaving the table for an off stage "phone call" and took over wooing and singing to the pretty young girl at the table as soon as the poor guy left! When the guy got back he was so put off by Weber that he poured himself an entire glass of wine and drank it in one long fantastic gulp! I don't know if they were "plants" but it sure seemed legit and they did a great job of making the whole concert thoroughly entertaining!

After we left the concert, Mr. Darcy being the classy guy he is took me to Ruth's Chris which was a nice unexpected treat. We had champagne, fresh cheesecake with berries, pecan crusted flounder, filet mignon, crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, and au gratin spinach. Okay, fresh bread and butter too! Those who know us well are familiar with our crazy healthy diets and what a break this was from the daily routine. I must say it was a glorious cheat that left me carb high for days afterward but totally was worth it! See the nice "high" expression on our faces! It's not the champagne! It's the carbs!!!

We arrived back home to relieve our gracious sitter, my grandmother, and to get back to the daily life of what happens when boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy proposes, girl accepts, and life our case, babies ensued and we have lots of proof of our love for each other walking around and chattering every day in our house. I hope your Valentine's Day was great too. I can't wait for next year's but I hope I get a date with Mr. Darcy before then!!!

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