Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remote control

For some time my oldest darlin' has been talking to me about remote controls. Since he creates all manner of science experiments, I admit I wasn't concerned about this "remote control" bit. Well, recently he got a bit more specific with his remote control capacity and capability. Apparently this remote control is for the mama robot. It has "pause" features that he uses when he wants to interrupt phone conversations, computer time and other routine house cleaning. This remote also has the ability to run programs with the "play" function such as make me a snack, dole out justice, get me something to play with, and read a book to me. Apparently, there is a "rewind" function whereas mama can be given a "second chance" to consider something the darlin' has already asked for but didn't get. The "fast forward" button is used to find out where we are going, when we are going to get there and what we are going to do once we arrive. Most of these buttons happen in the car, but they also get used the day before a big event or outing. I am not sure I can articulate how I felt when he explained how the remote makes the mama go into the kitchen and make his food for lunch, supper and so on...Well, I suppose you could say I felt a bit used ;-)  Mr. Darcy found this amusing and decided it was a gift of sorts that we could wield with the darlin's. Now he points the imaginary "remote" at our kids and says "pause" to stop arguments, to stop horseplay for mealtimes, and to give them a moment to "think it through" before they are about to do something dangerous. There is a "play" function to ensue chase, illicit performance, and to start homeschool projects. We are still working on "rewind" and "fast forward" but hey, it's a new remote. There are bound to be kinks in the program. I can tell you I wish there was a rewind for the potty, wrestling injuries and temper tantrums...oh well, pause and play are better than nothing. And credit where it's due, Mr. Darcy's ingenuity saves the day again.

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